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Represent… create a positive digital presence.

Chances are, when applying for a job, your name will be researched over the Internet. Take action in what others see by representing who you are through an established website.

Blogging is much like journal writing. We’ve all written journal entries, short essays, poetry, or thoughts for the day. Sharing these thoughts, journal entries, and the like not only helps the writer work things out (yes, placing things on paper can be a powerful tool for self-growth), it be a guide or lesson for others who may be experiencing something similar to what you have gone through or currently going through.

Take a few moments to review some of the blog submissions throughout our digital library, offer comments, questions, or topic suggestions.

*Offering a submission consideration of your own for our members to learn from? Submit a Word document and one of our editors will revise and, if appropriate, publish.

Submission topics to consider:

  • Reentry tips and experiences
  • Personal stories of inspiration
  • Walking in my shoes: the truth
  • Career and/or professional development
  • Climbing the mountain (struggles and how you beat the odds)
  • Poetry, short essay, and thoughts for the day (please keep inspiring)

Submission no-no’s:

  • Not a whining session
  • This is not a bitch-session
  • No profanity, nothing sexual in nature
  • Sloppy first draft, please edit and proof

*Submissions will be published at the discretion of 2CU staff and are subject to edits and revisions



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