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Community Empowerment Series

Mission: To inspire those in need by educating, employing, and empowering through tailored cognitive and relationship education intensive programs.

Supporting local development by educating, employing, and empowering is nothing new for 2CU. Non-profits and organizations desiring to build a better tomorrow today, have found results with our partnership. Customized based upon community purpose and content, we turn ideas into reality by working hand-in-hand with your team, creating dynamic and identifiable course materials and program collateral for everyone in the neighborhood.

In January of 2013, 2CU, Christian HELP, and The Central Florida Jobs Initiative launched an intensive program to educate, employ, and empower the disenfranchised. This 6 class curriculum is unique in the approach it takes to equip participants to become excellent employees by focusing on changing the attitudes, habits, and behaviors keeping them from being successful. Endorsed by the United Way, Wal-Mart Foundation, Wells Fargo, Back of America, and JP Morgan Chase, UCF, and Workforce Central Florida, the program features volunteers from many companies including Manpower and Frontier Communications.

Result: What began in 2012 for a local non-profit organization, 2CUs  program has grown to three locations and is set to expand due to the ease of replication, scalability, affordability,  and bottom-line results. With a two-year graduate gainful employment rate over 70%, our turn-key and multi-platform programs are suited for individual as well as workshop environments, community initiatives, and reintegration and training programs inside or outside prison or jail walls.

Action: Though no one program is a cure-all for every circumstance, 2CUs 360 degree extensive program takes advantage of the following best-practice methods to gain positive results:

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention
The Looking Glass Self Theory
Relationship Education
Consciousness Hierarchy
Consequential Cognitive Theory
Affirmation, Visualization, and Goal-Setting


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2nd Chance University partners with communities on the local, regional, and national scale. Our strategically located offices and professional staff are ready to educate, employ, and empower.

Build a better tomorrow, today. Call or email to discuss how our turn-key programs can empower and transform. Our program can be an advantage to you on your journey or can help you transform your community.




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