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2nd Chance University takes a real approach, without tip-toeing around areas needing to be discussed and resolved. Recognizing individuals, neighborhoods, communities, and transitional programs have their own set of unique challenges and solutions, 2nd Chance University offers multiple packages to fit every objective, circumstance, environment, and budget. We empower, educate and assist individuals in the skills neccessary to gain employment.

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Individual Deliverance

Unable to personally attend workshops or currently incarcerated, our self-paced six book series is a life-long learning tool designed for results. In addition to six core books, one CD offering over 100 presentations, activities, and worksheets focused on empowering concepts an applications, and one year professional career management support, including exclusive webinars and professional coaching.

Transitioning successfully from the backside of our judicial system takes more than a wishing well or candied advice from groups without a “been there, done that” background. Missing reality and identity, ex-felons demand unique methods, respect, and point of view given their unique challenges. Here’s where we take the lead. Based upon population and state regulation, 12 and 24 week pre- and post-release programs take recidivism reduction to a new level.


Assisting those unable to remain within traditional high school settings due to probation or criminal arrests, our workshops and collateral take advantage of proven cognitive applications and the consciousness hierarchy to realign the thought process and behavior. Tailored to match audience circumstance, relationship education is relied upon heavily to forge acceptance and guidance without judgment.

Supporting local development by educating, employing, and empowering is nothing new for 2CU. Non-profits and organizations desiring to build a better tomorrow today, have found results with our partnership. Customized based upon community purpose and content, we turn ideas into reality by working hand-in-hand with your team, creating dynamic and identifiable course materials and program collateral for everyone in the neighborhood.


As a veteran transitioning from the military into the civilian world, it will be important to know the challenges you’ll face, the problems that might arise, and best methods to plan and prepared accordingly for your next step in life. Our extensive collateral actively presents best practice approaches to guiding veterans into an often non-receptive world, the civilian workforce. Individual or complete turn-key group programs available January, 2016.


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2nd Chance University partners with communities on the local, regional, and national scale. Our strategically located offices and professional staff are ready to educate, employ, and empower.

 Build a better tomorrow, today. Call or email to discuss how our turn-key programs can empower and transform. Our program can be an advantage to you on your journey or can help you transform your community.



2nd Chance University Headquarters 460 West State Road 434 Suite 104 Longwood, Florida 32750 321.972.8919