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  BOOK 1

• Modeling cognitive behavioral methodologies
• Consciousness Hierarchy, the Looking Glass Self- Theory, Relationship Education, Empowerment, and conflict resolution
• Developing ownership empowerment tools securing freedom


  BOOK 2

• Finding opportunities is what this workshop is about as it establishes freedom’s plan in a less than embracing society.
• We begin by detailing how to find a fit, leading to online approach and online profiles as well as social networking, job fairs, and much more.


  BOOK 3

• No longer inside, a changed world awaits those stepping out.
• Introducing best-practice applications as well as digital and traditional networking trends.
• Good news: opportunities exist and workshop #3 is dedicated to discovering them.


  BOOK 4

• Companies seek qualified applicants for one reason: fix a problem.
• To the solution, you must build highly-targeted documents customized to your strengths while matching employer needs
• Welcome to #4, a workshop dedicated to presenting you as the solution.


  BOOK 5

• This empowering session delivers a value-based dialog with empathy, confidence, and sensitivity, breaking the interview process into a series of steps.
• Topics include letter of explanation, applications, attire, Interview questions, and the criminal background question.


  BOOK 6

• Recognizing many are entering the job market for the first time, the final workshop highlights what to expect and what is needed to keep that new job.
• Topics include financial, employer expectations, peer influence, and building the groundwork to a better life.



Spiritual Intelligence: Human Consciousness Realized

Consciousness Heiarchy forms the basis of how we think, feel, express emotions and act or react to life. It is one of the texts used in our programs.

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