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TDC #227733

Served almost 13 years on a 45, Stick was released on Mandatory Supervision until he proved to the Texas Parole Board that he was worthy enough to be on regular supervision. He grew up in the oilfield and worked many jobs in the patch, from roustabout, roughneck, driller and eventually company man for an oil company. Like so many before him once in prison his wife moved on and divorced him, taking their kids and remarrying.

He was paroled in 2002 and began the journey back to becoming a normal citizen after the hard goodbye that society had given him upon entering the Texas Prison system. Stick has moved forward and helped many people who have experienced trouble with the law. It has been his understanding that if you help someone it always ends up helping you. With the deck stacked against him by society, Stick, worked and became a successful business owner which helped his community grow. He does not regret his life in the prison system. Instead he looks at it as a series of learning skills through educational channels which were helpful in his development as a good citizen.



After serving 13 years on a 40, Duck was released on mandatory supervision. His many contributions to the making of our books, workshops, and collateral for Career Breakout and 2nd Chance University was instrumental. Through each page and workshop, his voice will live on.

On parole, Duck passed away prematurely in February, 2015 to an empty room. Though released in 1999, Duck took full advantage of his freedom by earning a college degree and building a new family. He never lived a life in regret; he simply lived each moment of each day eager to make the world a better place and to give the invisible (ex-felon) the tools to succumb beyond their stumble. His journey is no different than the thousands of invisible individuals struggling reintegration only to find “walls, bars, and razor wire” are not limited to the inside of prison.


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