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Danny Huffman , MA, CEIP, CPRW, CPCC
Founder and CEO

Founder and Chief Executive Officer with Education Career Services and 2nd Chance University, Danny bridges the corporate and educational world with one driving force: building a better today by empowering veterans as well as offenders transitioning back into society.

 An industry-recognized subject matter expert and author, Danny penned over 30 professional development textbooks currently being taken advantage of throughout university classrooms, community organizations, and across the globe.

 Danny is a certified professional resume writer, certified employment interview professional, and a certified career coach. He is an active member with the National Resume Writers Association, the Professional Resume Writers Association, and the Career Thought Leaders Group. Former college instructor, director, and dean of academic affairs sharing his expertise on the local and national arena to students, instructors, career directors, businesses, non-profit organizations, and the community at large.

 His area of expertise within the career management industry has been shared to audiences ranging from 5 to 500 at prestigious national organizations and institutions, including Yale University, the National Career Development Association, The National Association of Colleges and Universities, Workforce Central Florida, and the Florida Diversity Group, just to name a few.

 Through 2nd Chance University, veterans, the disenfranchised, the invisible, and those needing a second chance upon release are finding themselves, employment, and hope. Taking cognitive applications, consciousness hierarchy, and the looking glass self-theory to the next level, chains are being broken and families are being saved.

Dianne Irene, BA Psy., MBA Org. Psy.
Kelly Byrne, M.A. Education
Executive Vice President
Senior Vice President

Dianne is a founder of Global Development Group and Hapsburgh which focuses on human progression and education outreach and research. Their aim is to empower human development, ethical technological advancement, and planetary responsibility. She has also worked as a consultant to various institutions.

Dianne has given her time working and volunteering for various social, educational, humanitarian, and animal causes. She has worked at a private counseling facility and as a mentor at a woman's pregnancy facility, volunteered as a counselor for a battered woman's shelter, a teen prison group, at hospitals, and for adult alcohol and drug programs.

She has attended seven universities or colleges which have included Kent State University, Capella University, YSU, and AIU. Some of her studies have included Psychology, Technology, amd Herbology. She taught mathematics for several industries. She has also taught Psychology and Criitical Thinking for several colleges.

She has had over 15 years of experience in speaking and performing in public, on radio, and local tv. Dianne Irene has spoken for educational events, seminars, nutrition companies, and a documentary. She is a published writer and author of Spiritual Intelligence: Human Consciousness Realized. Her works have also appeared in newsletters, websites, and publications.

Dianne Irene was born in the Northeast United States from Austro-Hungarian Empire heritage and English heritage. Her maternal family escaped from Europe during WWII where her grandfather Paul served as a major. Her grandparents Paul and Irene, stood in defiance of Hitler's reign and they received threats from the communists. Her grandparents, mother Csilla, and uncle Zoltan fled Austria for the United States when they were sponsored by Bert and Sally Kozma. This travesty inspired Dianne to remember the value of every human life. She now works as an advocate for human progression.

Experienced Entrepreneur who starts companies at grassroots level, hands on initially and develops them into lucrative enterprises in which he initially sells for profit. His 42 years in the business world helped him develop a series of skills, abilities and business activities; in which critical thinking, complex problem solving, inductive and deductive reasoning, analyzing data, organizing, planning and prioritizing have helped him format the best solutions in order to solve problems in order to become a productive worker, manager, owner, and run successful companies.

His area of expertise in the business world involves a diversification of start-up companies from landscaping, which he started with one client and eventually built his customer base, of residential and commercial properties to over four hundred customers in five years. He also initiated a publishing company in which he wrote technical programs for schools based on the standards of the No Child Left Behind Act. He in time was marketing and selling his books to thousands of schools in Texas. He was brought up in the oilfield and started a rental tool company with one tool and eventually became the biggest distributor/owner of these tools with over six locations in the world.

Kelly has a background in market development, communication, and writing. He graduated from the University of Houston Magna Cum Laude and received his Masters Degree in Education. The associations he is currently with are Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Kappa Phi. His published works have been featured in schools across Texas, as well as  other publications like the Jewish Voice, Bayou Sphere, Frontier Literary Journal of Fiction, Insiders Anthology of Fiction, Insiders Anthology of Poetry, Goal Post, Louisiana & Texas Gourmet Magazine, and Exegesis Publishing.

Kathryn Broyles, Ph.D., M.Div., M.A.
Mark Treston, MA.
Vice President

Dr. Kathryn Broyles brings more than twenty-five years of higher education teaching and administrative experience to our team in addition to more than ten years in online education and curriculum development. Her academic work bridges the academy and  community with her current work focused on veterans, and those displaced by cultural or educational challenges.

Stateside and international faculty positions have included American Military University, Warner Southern College, Northwest Missouri State, Tennessee Tech, Gymnazium Duchcov (Duchcov, CZ), Concordia University (Tallinn, Estonia), and Usti Pedagogicka Fakulta (Usti nad Labem, CZ) . The years spent teaching in the Czech Republic and Estonia and her love of travel stem directly from growing up in a Marine Corps family. Living in 14 houses before the age of 14 taught Kathryn to be open to new ideas, new adventures. Other places her travels have taken her include Japan, Turkey, Jordan, Hungary, Mexico, Greece, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, and much of Western Europe. Her multi-cultural experiences profoundly shape her teaching philosophy and lead to a depth of understanding and sincere respect for constituent groups with whom she works.

Dr. Broyles holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in English, from Tennessee Tech, a Master’s of Divinity with a Certificate in Gender, Theology and Ministry from Duke Divinity School and a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies from Duke University. Her Ph.D. in Composition & Teaching English as a Second Language she earned from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Her community, faith, and scholarly research commitments are as varied as her education, but intersect most especially in her work supporting veterans in the academy and through life-transition; in making visible and remedying challenges often faced by first-generation college students; and with supporting former offenders and those whom life-circumstances have marginalized as they seek a second chance-- exploring their potential and finding a life and educational path that leads to personal success and fulfillment.

Mark Treston has over fifteen years of experience in education management and regulatory compliance consulting. Having served as department chair for both secondary and postsecondary institutions, he has also been employed as director of a vocational college and CAO of two institutions of higher learning.

A talented start-up manager, Mark has successfully established several colleges and universities, from developing the initial business plans, through navigating the complex requirements of state and federal regulatory agencies.

As a regulatory consultant, Mark has led numerous schools, colleges, and universities to successful outcomes with a variety of national, regional, and programmatic accreditation agencies, including ABA, ABHES, ACCSC, ACICS, DETC, NACCAS, TRACS, and WASC. And he has assisted California postsecondary schools in securing state board approval from the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT), the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN), the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (BBC), the Board of Psychology (BOP), and other organizations.

Mr. Treston holds graduates degrees in Political Economy and Education, and he serves as a consultant for Cambridge University Press and several universities.

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